Things to feel good about today

Sometimes I really hate dealing with people. I feel like sometimes people don’t understand simple requests. This can happen frequently when you live with a man and a pre-teen boy. (Sorry, guys.)

Usually, though, it’s other people who don’t quite understand or have double standards, and that’s something that really bothers me. I think that sometimes retail and admin employees, in particular, being generally disgruntled people who don’t want to be there, offer useless, passive-aggressive advice.

Part of dealing with people is talking on the phone, unfortunately. Whenever possible, I email or even prefer to talk to people in person when I need something.  I had to get my son’s medical info from my son’s doctor for camp, and I was going to be out and about anyway, so I decided to stop by.

There’s a row of receptionists, one for each doctor in the office, and the cubicle that has our doctor’s name on it is vacant, so I stand back in front of the other receptionists and wait for one to notice me. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah, I just need my son’s physical and vaccination info for summer camp.”

“Oh, do you have the forms?”

“No, I need the forms that you give out to bring to the camp.”

I had to essentially reword this in three different ways before she understood. Usually, they print out the forms with his basic physical info and list of vaccinations for the family, which you then bring to camp. I didn’t think I had to explain this to someone who worked there.

“This can take 24 hours to do…usually people just call in and come pick it up the next day,” she informs me, like I had no idea I could use a phone to contact them.

“Oh, I know, that’s fine, I was just in the area so I thought I’d stop by and let you know I need them.”

So she takes my son’s info…and prints out the papers in about three minutes.

I said, “Oh, I wouldn’t have minded coming back tomorrow.” She replied, “Oh that’s fine, it’s just that if I was busy or if there was a line, it would have taken longer.”

Well, duh.

So basically I felt stupid and uninformed for no reason. Stuff like that ruins my day…is that just me?



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